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Your satisfaction is and always will be the truest measure of our success.

At Jenkins Homes, Inc. we know that building your dream home can sometimes seem less like a dream and more like a nightmare. The stresses and hassles of where to begin, who to talk to and what kind of house will meet your needs can seem overwhelming. However, we know the industry and can help alleviate all of your fears and concerns by taking you by the hand and walking you through the entire process - from designing the house plans of your dream home to delivering your keys at closing. Building your home should be a fun and exciting time in your life.
Jenkins Homes, Inc. is here for you to help you get into a new home while enjoying the process along the way.

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Learn More About Our Four Step Process

1 Preparation
2 Design
3 Build
4 Move In

The first step in the process of building your home is preparation. Before meeting with Jenkins Homes, Inc., it is important to visit a mortgage lender and receive a pre-approval letter so we can help you stay on budget for your new home. Don’t know a mortgage lender? We know and work with great lenders who can assist you in establishing your budget. If you need a referral or once you receive your pre-approval letter, call our office in Mandeville at 985-624-8757 to schedule an appointment.


The second step in building your home is the design process. We will work with you in designing the perfect floor plan to accommodate your needs and budget. As we are working on the floor plan, we will also assist you in finding the right lot for your home. Once the lot is located and the plan is complete, it is time to sign a Purchase Agreement so that we can get started on building your home.


The third step in constructing your home is the building process. This is where your creative side can come alive. Jenkins Homes, Inc. will give you a list of suppliers and allowances that you can use to help us create the home that you have always wanted. From exterior selections such as brick, stucco, and siding - to interior selections such as paint colors, flooring, and appliances - this process will result in your home being perfectly unique to you. This is the perfect time to show off your home on Facebook and other social media outlets so your family and friends can become just as excited about your new home as you are.

Move In

The fourth and last step in your journey to homeownership is moving in to your new home. Once the home is complete and a closing date is set, we will perform a final walk-through together. This allows us the opportunity to acquaint you with your new home and to answer any questions you may have. From the day you move in, we will be there for you to ensure your home remains top notch for years to come. And Jenkins Homes, Inc. will warranty your home for one year on workmanship, two years on plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning and heating systems, and five years on your slab and structure.